I really really really miss being at school and college.

The feeling of being presence with friends,

the time spent without thinking whats ahead,

the memories made with tears and laughters.


I feel like I am the edge of saying goodbye to Youth,

and sometimes it saddens me.


I know it won’t stay for too long.


-SJ, Jul 2020.

Bad Guy

Why am I being left out?

Where did I go wrong?

Where did I lack?


It’s better to say “I’m in love with someone” than “I fell out of love”.

Being bad guy and being hated is easier than feeling guilty in each drop of tears.


-SJ, 2017.

I thought my dreams were always surreal.

But now that I’m there, it feels too good to be true?

I don’t know anymore, I just knew what makes me happy.

Just like coffee, I don’t know which is which, I just knew which one’s my favorite.


-SJ, 2019.

Run Away

Is sometimes all you need to do

As far as your feet could take

Until the very last air you gasp

Making distance with memories

Getting lost in looking for sanity

And eventually found something in the reflection

A new hope.


-SJ, 2019.